Wednesday, October 2, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019 - Week 1 - The Room That Get's The Makeover

I still can't believe I was invited by Better Homes and Gardens and the one and only Linda Weinstein, founder of the One Room Challenge to be a featured designer for the Fall 2019 ORC! ME! I'm just a regular person that happens to REALLY love beautiful interiors SO MUCH that even though I have a modest budget for home decor, I am able to somehow put a room together rather decently and share how I do it with like-minded people like you!

WHAT IS THE "ONE ROOM CHALLENGE"? (In case you didn't know)

The One Room Challenge is a huge deal in the interior decor blogging world. Being a featured designer is highly coveted and comes with many benefits. As one of the 20 featured designers, I get to collaborate with awesome brands that sponsor the One Room Challenge, some  publicity and we also have a chance to be featured in magazines! AMAZING, RIGHT!? The best part about the One Room Challenge is that it gives me an excuse (and a deadline) to redo one room in my house. Talk about holding me accountable, right?! The room MUST be done in six weeks! This event happens biannually in the Spring and in the Fall. The featured designers share the progress, the good, the bad and the ugly and the readers get to see it all! I love to watch how designers think, how they choose things and how they overcome design mistakes! πŸ™€ and of course I LOVE seeing the beautiful spaces at the end of it all!


I chose to give my son's room/guest bedroom a makeover. Well overdue, people...
 Weeeeeell overdue.

I know, I know... it's bad.

My son's room doubles as a guest bedroom anytime we have out of town visitors. Most people that visit us do come from out of town because all of our family lives in Los Angeles and Orange County and we live in San Diego County. Anytime the fam comes to visit they spend the night so we always leave them my son's bedroom and my son gets to have a sleepover in our room (which he loves, by the way). 

My son is fine with the current state of his room. He couldn't care less about the decor. All he cares about is that he has a place for his TV and video game console. Ugh, so typical, right?! Where did I go wrong..? πŸ˜‰ Although now that he knows I chose to redo his room for the One Room Challenge he's kind of excited for it 😁 he's even bragging to his friends about it!

My goal for this room is to fulfill all the needs my son has plus really focus on making this room comfortable and relaxing for our out of town guests. I want to create a room that they look forward to sleeping in when they come and visit. So, since that is a major goal for me, going forward I'm just going to call this room the "Guest Bedroom".


#1 problem: the style. I put together this bedroom 10 years ago and my style has most definitely changed since then. For the better, I think 😬.
Apart from the style, the room doesn't function very well. 

-The bed is a full-size and is a bit too small for guests to sleep comfortably in. It's also crooked. 
-The side tables are too small and one is broken
-The sheets look too babyish
-One wall lamp is missing a shade
-The shelf is broken and has no style
-No art or cool accessories
-No ambiance or sense of "coziness"
-Needs paint in a major way
-No curtains (I recently took them off when we got our new carpet installed and didn't bother putting them back)

Since I am adding a larger bed, I will have to reconfigure the space. The bed will be moved against the larger wall in the room where the bookshelf currently is. That will give me enough wall space to add a queen-size bed and two decent sized nightstands. On the opposite wall where the bed is now, I am envisioning a cozy seating area complete with fireplace 😍. I'm also thinking to of creating a cozy vibe using darker tones, relaxed linen sheets and an overall masculine vibe. Sounds good, right!? I'll be sharing my mood board with you soon so you can see what I'm thinking.

I definitely have my work cut out for me, but for someone who LOVES AND CRAVES change (I'm a Sagittarius) I am SO looking forward to this project and I'm especially looking forward to sharing how it's all going with you! Every Wednesday for the next six weeks! And I want to hear from you! I love hearing your thoughts too so leave me comments cuz I love responding to them!

Also, if you subscribe to my blog I'll shoot you an email letting you know when a new post goes up along with a little link you can click on to read it :)

Oh, by the way...
if you're nosy like me, check out the rest of the featured designers below and take a look at the spaces they'll be transforming! (Actually, I'm REALLY hoping to see some DISASTROUS, HOARDER-LIKE ROOMS that these designers are keeping secret in their homes...just so I can feel better about my dated orange mess of a room πŸ‘€)  Scroll down and see the list of the crazy-talented designers!!!!

Catch you next Wednesday!


  1. Looking forward to what you will create.

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  4. Can't wait to see the end results.