Saturday, September 28, 2019

12 Things You Need To Know When It Comes To Water Damage and Home Insurance

We recently had to deal with a water leak upstairs in our home and we, well mostly I learned a lot from the experience especially in regards to how insurance works. 

To quickly summarize what happened in our home, our water heater leaked and it's upstairs so that caused a lot of damage. If you want the details you can read the posts HERE. We have never experienced a leak in our home so we had no idea what to expect! Thank GOD we had excellent insurance that covered almost everything that needed to be done to our home to get it back to how it was after the water damage. I will always be thankful for the team at Safeco Insurance. 🙏

Let's be honest -when it comes to our home I am mostly focused on decorating it. I can make a bed and arrange a gallery wall like nobody's business but ask me about insurance..? You'll just get a blank stare. 


My wife, Yesica has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry so this lady knew what was coming! She mostly took care of all the insurance stuff while I did things like sort through carpet samples for the replacement carpet, LOL. It's a dynamic that's definitely not typical in a marriage but in our marriage it works just fine :)

Not only is my wife super experienced in insurance, she also works for a highly reputable insurance agency based here in San Diego named BFI Insurance. I decided to ask both my wife and Heather Brandt-Gastelum,  Agent and owner of BFI Insurance to give my readers some helpful facts  and tips about home insurance and specifically water claims. Together these two talented ladies are extremely savvy when it comes to insurance and the information they both shared with us is really eye-opening!

The dynamic duo! Left; Heather Brandt - Gastelum and right; my wife Yesica.


I am sharing these facts in hopes that if you ever go through water damage in your home (and I hope you don't) that you at least know what to expect. Being educated in this subject would definitely help ease some of the stress that comes with dealing with damage in your home.


I am so thankful that I had someone like my wife to rely on when it came to dealing with our water damage. I am so inexperienced in this matter that I would have been totally lost.  If you're a homeowner please take a good look at your homeowners insurance policy. There are so many details in insurance policies and I now know that it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to know how your home is protected and what is and isn't covered. If it wasn't for our insurance we would have had to pay over $11,000 out of our pockets to restore our home. Fortunately we had the right coverage and the right insurance recommended from our insurance broker 💚. PHEW! We would have had to probably wait so long to repair it that we would have been prone to getting MOLD!!! 

Anyway I really hope this information will help you or at least get you curious about your homeowners insurance policy and get you to start asking questions! And if you need help, feel free to call my wife Yesica at BFI Insurance for any questions! :)

'Till next time! 

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