Monday, September 2, 2019

New Carpet Installed! LOVE IT, but NOW Everything Else Looks Dirty!

So, we ended up choosing the zigzag herringbone style carpet by Shaw (Urban Design)  in a tan and cream color and I LOVE IT!  It was my wife's favorite pick and the popular vote on Instagram which I was actually surprised about. I thought you all were going to choose the safer route and go plain! I really dig the more contemporary, updated pattern on the carpet and I think it pairs very well against the more traditional style furniture that we have in our home. I was also envisioning how well that pattern would look on the stairs since stairs are usually a focal point in a home, especially during the holidays. Fortunately, I was right... the carpet looks great on our stairs as well as all over the second floor :)

Here are the final 3 contenders in case you missed the last post. My initial pick was the one on the left. The safer pick is the middle and the one on the right was our final pick but in a different color.

This is what we ended up picking

We thought the hardest part- picking the carpet, was behind us. Boy were we wrong. The hard part was yet to come...

Turns out, we had to pack everything up from our bedrooms and move out of our house for 3 days in order to get the carpet installed.










The good news is that once again, our restoration guy Sean from Mission Restoration worked with our insurance to get a moving/packaging company to come in and pack up all our belongings, furniture, ect. and neatly put it all in a truck and haul it away until the carpet was installed. The moving company was great. They were fast, organized and not one thing was broken. Phew!

While all that was going on in our home, we stayed at an AirBnB which happened to be right in our neighborhood! Talk about convenient, right!? The place has an almost identical layout to our home and was very clean and thoughtfully decorated so my family and I were VERY comfortable there!

Mariannes Quote in Chula Vista, CA. You can rent the entire house for about $155 a night!

The carpet was installed in one day which was fantastic, but after walking through my empty house with nothing but fresh, clean, new beautiful carpet, I couldn't help but notice how disgusting the walls and baseboards were in the hallway and bedrooms!! YUCK! I made a personal promise to myself that I was going to paint all the bedrooms as soon as I had the chance!

Well, that chance came the next day after we unpacked everything. Even though I was tired AF I forced myself to get that bedroom painted because I knew if I waited another day, there could be a possibility that I wouldn't do it. Although I felt like my legs were going to give out on me, I managed to get that room painted and furnished complete with freshly laundered sheets before the sun went down and I am so glad that I did. Seeing those freshly painted baseboards against the new carpet gave me all the feels πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’•

Just look at that trim! UGH! BEAUTIFUL!

I am so happy to finally say OUR HOME RESTORATION IS COMPLETE! DOWN TO THE LAST BASEBOARD! I can't thank enough the team that got our home back to normal after the water leak upstairs. I'm forever grateful to our Insurance agent Heather Brandt-Gastelum and my wife Yesica from BFI Insurance; to the guy from Home Depot who recommended our restoration company; to Mission Restoration, especially Sean who took such good care of us; to Rapid Packout for packing our belongings and handling everything with care; for  Mr. Marco our flooring guy who quickly and perfectly installed our carpet and last but certainly not least, to our amazing team at Safeco Insurance who kept our family safe and comfortable throughout this whole process.

Can't wait to dress up these stairs for Christmas!

Now it's time to invest in a lot of painters tape cuz I have a lot more painting to do!

'Till next time!


  1. Looks beautiful and love the carpet . . . great choice!

  2. Looks terrific! Great choice. Good for you for painting right away. I agree that once you set it aside, life happens and you forget. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for posting!

  3. The carpet looks AWESOME! It doesn't look busy at all, it gives interest and depth and looks oh so current. I'm amazed you were able to summon up the energy to paint. When there is a will there is a way!


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