Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Installing a Wall Mural to Dress Up a Desk Area

A special thanks to  this post's sponsor, Rebel Walls. A huge thanks for collaborating with me on this project ♡.

Last summer I redecorated my daughter's room with items I had collected for this space for almost a year. I'm in love with the transformation (see that post HERE) but what I didn't love was her desk area. It was all work and no fun. In other words, that area of her room had zero style whatsoever. I know the walls needed some dressing up and my initial thought was to add shelving  but I felt that doing so would make the space look even more messy. I could already imagine all the crap that would end up on those shelves creating a bigger eyesore than it already was. Plus, my daughter has other places in her room to store all her things that will keep them out of sight. With all the wires and screens all around, I needed this wall space to be more "beautiful" and less "utilitarian".