Wednesday, October 16, 2019

One Room Challenge Week 3 - Choosing Art, Wallpaper and the Perfect Shade of "Greige"

We are RIGHT in the middle of the One Room Challenge and I STILL have some major decisions to make! To bring you (and me) up to date here is what I have done so far for this guest bedroom makeover.

WEEK 1: I shared the room in it's current state (it's a mess) and my plans to make it over

WEEK 2: I chose the bedding and all the furniture for the room and shared my floor plan and mood board to see how everything would look together.

And NOW in WEEK 3 it's all about WALLS! That means I'm tackling choosing paint colors, wallpaper and art and it MUST be done by Sunday!

Choosing the art for the room was so easy and enjoyable thanks to Minted. They have a HUGE selection of Limited Edition art by real artists and at such an affordable price which is very important to me! I'm all about having beautiful things be attainable! Minted was kind enough to be a sponsor for the One Room Challenge and I couldn't be happier about that since I knew I would have no problem finding the right pieces for the room. The art I chose for the guest bedroom are a mix of things I felt attracted to visually and that also happen to harmonize with the color scheme of the room. I usually don't match the art to the room, but I felt the room needed a color story of sorts since the colors in the bedding are muted and neutral.  Check out my picks below and scroll left or right to see :)

To make sure that I ordered the right size prints and frames, I taped up a layout of how I would hang each piece of art and how it would look with the lamp and side tables. This really helped me figure out what sizes of prints to order.

This room has zero architectural detail. It's a bland brown box right now.  Even though it's not expensive, it's just not in the plans or the budget to hire someone to add millwork like crown molding and wainscoting (and I'm most DEFINITELY NOT DIY'ing that stuff either). Another way to add interest to a bland room is through wallpaper. Originally I was planning on using an oversized ikat/paisley print but some last minute changes with the bed color meant I had to also change the wallpaper. I ended up finding an interesting wallpaper with tons of texture and a beautiful relief imprinted on it that to me feels very vintage. I think the classic pattern on it will definitely give the  room some "age" and balance out all the "newness" going into it. I don't want to go overboard with it, though so I'm only adding the wallpaper to the wall behind the bed. The wallpaper can also be painted so I'm planning on painting it the same color as the walls.

Wallpaper was a great deal. Find it HERE

Beautiful tufted headboard by HomePop

Oh, and I'm hanging the wallpaper myself. I've hung wallpaper once before and it looked atrocious. But don't worry, it's only one wall and also I'm going to watch tons of YouTube videos about how to hang wallpaper so I GOT THIS! (Pray for me, please )

As far as paint color, I narrowed my choices down to 6 -all from the lovely people at Behr Paint, one of our  awesome sponsors for the One Room Challenge. 5 of those colors are in the warm, taup-y grey family or "greige" and one in white. I'm having a really hard time deciding, but I'm leaning towards "Rustic Taupe". I love how warm and soft it looks and I especially love how it looks on the wallpaper. I am also surprisingly leaning towards "Vibrant White" as I think that the white would really make everything pop and look more modern but, will it flatten everything and be boring?!

What color do you think would look best? Let me know in the comments!

I am planning on hanging that wallpaper before the weekend. Remember that I mentioned I wasn't handy? Yeah, wish me luck you'll see how it turns out next Wednesday! Talk to you then!

Don't forget to visit the blogs of the rest of the featured designers to see what they're up to in week 3! The links are below :)



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    1. Yay! I'm thinking I should go with that although I keep going back to white

  2. I love everything that you are doing! Having a ball watching! I'm doing my daughter's bedroom as a guest, and it may kill me! Just kidding, but cheers to this madness!! Deb V @dishinwithdebs

    1. I can totally relate. I put up wallpaper today and it was dramarama! It was only one wall too, lol. Gonna check out your progress too :) its almost over!