Wednesday, October 9, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019 - Week 2 - The Floor Plan and Mood Board

I can't stress enough how important it is to measure your space and furniture before you actually make those major purchases because in this case...


In some cases it's okay to not measure, for example when you're buying smaller accent pieces like, let's say...a vintage accent table.  But for the main pieces of furniture you gotta know if that stuff is actually going to fit where you want it to fit! Although you might think that coming up with a floor plan is complicated, it's actually not. I use the website, Floorplanner to create simple, uncomplicated floor plans in about an hour or so. All I do is measure the walls in the room along with the windows and doors and then create the structure on Floorplanner. After that I can place sample furniture into the room and scale it to the size of the furniture I'm interested in. Having a floor plan allows me to arrange the furniture before buying it which is a lot easier than trying to return that humongous sofa and loveseat you realized wont fit in your space!

Even though the colors and furniture styles aren't correct in the floor plan, the scale is so I still have a good idea as to how everything will fit together.

Last week I revealed that I was going to tackle on the guest bedroom for this six week ONE ROOM CHALLENGE. If you want to check out that post, click HERE. If you've seen the bedroom you know what a hot mess it is. That room has NO personality or style and not only that, pretty much all of the furniture in that room is broken. That means the room is getting all new furniture along with a fireplace and a seating area! I'm SUPER excited about the fireplace!

I was able to squeeze in a queen-sized bed, two good-sized nightstands, seating for two and a fireplace. Like I said, it's a bit tight but I love spaces that are filled and I feel that extra square footage of bare floors are a waste!

My goal was to create not only the coziest bed for guests, but to also have a lounge area for them to sit and surf the web while relaxing by the fire :)

I pay a lot for each square foot of my little house so I'm really trying to get my money's worth!

Now that we know the furniture I have in mind will work, let me show you a peek at my vision for this guest bedroom makeover

The color palette will be white and shades of grey as the base, neutral colors. The accent colors will be various shades of greens and some black here and there. The finishes in the room will be warm wood tones, brass and black iron. The overall style of the guest bedroom will be my signature style which is a mix of transitional style, British colonial style and Eclectic style. I really am focused on having a whole-house color palette and look in my home. Since it's modestly sized I feel that having a good flow from one room to the other just feels better. The color palette for this guest bedroom makeover, along with it's updated style is in harmony to what is going on in the rest of the house.

I'm SO excited to make this room a REALITY!!!!! I already have some orders that should be arriving any day now which means I reaaaally need to start painting! That's probably happening next week!

Talk to you then :)

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