Friday, August 4, 2017

How I Got My Kids To Make Their Beds

Making 3 beds every day REALLY sucks. Especially for me, because I tend to be a bit "particular" with the way the beds look. It would take me a while to make all 3 beds every morning, but I kept at it. I took on that responsibility because I felt that since I enjoyed looking at a well-made made more than anyone in the house, then I should be the one to make it happen. "It's my thing".

Until I started to really think about this situation. How is this OK?? I worked so many years as a retail manager and I learned to TRAIN, DELEGATE and HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE! Working all those years as a leader taught me the importance of being able to work through people!

So, what did I do? I decided to "hire' my kids as bed-makers πŸ˜‚. Just because I'm the one who wants to see the beds made, it doesn't mean that I have to make all of them! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

We held a family meeting. Might sound like a little much, but I wanted the whole family to take this seriously. I talked to my 7 year old and 10 year old about how enjoyable it is for all of us to live in a clean and well kept home. They agreed with that. Then I told them that I felt they were mature enough to have some responsibilities in our home. My daughter had a huge grin on her face and was literally hopping up and down wanting to know what these new responsibilities were going to be. (She's always been eager to take on projects and help around the house). My son started to whine and threw himself on the bed. What a lil' booger.

I continued to tell them that their new responsibility was to make their beds every morning. My son started to complain that he had NO IDEA how to make a bed and that he just COULDN'T.  "Well you're in luck! I'm going to teach you right now!" I said. SO I did just that. I taught them how to make their beds and I told them that they are on a 7 day training period and they can come to me for any help during those 7 days and I will help them make their beds. And as an incentive, I told the kids if they make their beds every day for those 7 days, they will get a $10 Google Play Gift Card!  They love those gift cards. They use it to buy apps and video games on their tablets.

The kids had a little trouble making their beds the first few days. The beds looked a bit sloppy, haha! I didn't tell them that of course. I praised them for making them and showed them how to make the beds look a little neater. I also modified how they should make their beds because it was hard for them to tuck in the sheets without messing up the bedskirt. I told them to skip the tucking in and just let the sheets hang to the sides.

disclaimer * this bed was touched by my hands. It was after I washed and pressed the sheets, LOL. The kids don't usually get it looking this good hahaha! But practice makes perfect!

At the end of the 7 days they got their gift cards and were super happy! Now, it has become a habit for the kids to make their beds every morning because I expect it. The beds don't always look as good as the pictures here, but that's ok. Sometimes after they leave from school I straighten the beds out a little but I tell you, I love the fact that I have a little more time to do other things in morning because 2 out of 3 beds are made. WINNING!

Aside from giving me more time, having the kids make their own beds teaches them to be responsible and teaches them to care for their surroundings which to my family is very important. Giving the kids chores is good for them and they're more than capable of helping around the house!

Are you a parent thinking about getting your kids to make their beds? Let me re-iterate my tips in hopes that they help!

  • Hold a meeting and explain the benefits and the expectations of the task
  • Teach the kiddos how they should accomplish the task
  • Be supportive and show that you will help them succeed without any judgement
  • Praise them along the way
  • Give a goal and maybe throw in a reward
  • Keep the expectations ongoing!
Need help making YOUR OWN BED?? Check out this guest post on Vilma Iris written by yours truly that will help you achieve making a picture-perfect bed. 


I think after this whole bed-making thing, the kids are definitely ready to take on more responsibilities like...

cooking dinner...

giving me a daily massage...

changing the oil in my car...

I mean, why stop at the beds?! πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oscar this is awesome! I Am too OCD about made beds. I love walking by a room and seeing that. The opposite makes me crazy. What a great idea and sense of responsibility for your kiddos! Now the real question is... does London wander from room to room while this bed making is happening??? Is she confused as to which bed she should be gracing her presence or is this a staggered effort so she thinks this is all for her pleasure? You have a lucky family

    1. Oh my gosh you are hilarious! The funny thing is London only gives ME this problem! She only lays on the bed that I'm making 😣 I guess I'm special!! Haha! Even when I was taking pics for this post, she would plop right on top of the bed lol. Thanks for reading and happy to hear that we share the same OCD towards bedmaking πŸ˜‰

  2. Great tips!!! Can I get a gift card if I make the bed? 🀣🀣🀣

    1. I can make that happen! Can you make that happen???