Monday, August 7, 2017

Enjoying A Summer Drink Station

Summer's here and that means we need to stay hydrated, folks. Personally, I like to hydrate myself with iced coffee all day, but I also love chugging down some ice-cold water too and especially infused water.
To my surprise, my kids also enjoy infused water! Why am I surprised? Because it's healthy, and my kiddos seem to think that HEALTHY = GROSS. 

Since my whole fam-bam enjoys infused water I figured I could take advantage of that and keep us hydrated all day long while eliminating sodas juices and sports drinks. I set up a drink station on the kitchen counter with a couple of inexpensive drink dispensers, some drinking glasses and straws so that everyone can serve themselves a drink whenever they get thirsty. Having the kids be able to serve themselves is a definite plus because they always seem to ask me to serve them a drink AS SOON AS I SIT MY ASS DOWN. Never fails. 

These drink dispensers were very affordable and came as a set of two. They look small but each holds a gallon. I prettied them up with a bamboo tray and some coral.

I haven't gone crazy with the infused water recipes, but I do have a few favorites that I've tried. I personally like a mix of fruits and herbs. Adding herbs to the water gives it a beautiful aroma and a fresh taste. The two dispensers here have a mixture of strawberry/basil and pineapple/mint.

Even if I don't have the ingredients to make infused water I still fill a drink dispenser with plain iced water. The goal is to have the water out and accessible so it's the first thing we go to when we get thirsty. That also means that I keep cups and straws readily available right there in our drink station. These cups I especially love because they come with their own coasters! 'Cuz nobody wants to see cup rings on their furniture, am I right!? The coasters (more like cup sleeves) come off so they won't get wet when I wash the cups. This set also comes with its own carafe.

See anything you might be interested in? Shop the look by clicking on the images below

Not only is infused water refreshing and healthy, it's also very beautiful to look at and even more so if you add some fun seasonal touches around your drink station. Maybe some shells in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, ornaments in the winter... you know, to make things #EXTRA.

Take care and stay hydrated!


  1. Uhm, those cups with sleeves are beautiful and brilliant!!! I'm buying that set like RIGHT NOW! (So inexpensive too!) Such a great idea BTW, even when you don't have kids. ;)

    1. I love those cups! I can't believe you get the 4 cups PLUS the sleeves PLUS the carafe for 20 bucks! And yes it's important to stay hydrated even when you don't have kids lol

    2. I KNOW! Such a steal! I literally ordered the set online and picked it up at my local Pier 1 like an hour ago. LOL!

    3. oh that's convenient!Hey if ever needed, we can combine our sets!

  2. Replies
    1. HAHA! Was that a pun?? "cool inspiration" lol! Thanks so much and thanks for reading :)

  3. Love it! And love the infused water recipes!

    1. they taste great! I definitely want to experiment with different recipes. Next I wanna try grapefruit jalapeno!