Friday, August 18, 2017

DIY Magnetic Fridge Frames

There's a part of me that feels like such an ass when I pull down my kids' art from the fridge but I HAVE to do it. The amount of art, papers and tests that my kids create is enough to probably cover every wall in this house! If I don't control it, the papers would take over. Plus, our floor plan is open-concept and the kitchen and refrigerator is in plain sight as soon as you walk in through the front door and as much as I am proud of my kids' creations, I don't like how unruly the refrigerator looks with stuff all over it.


To keep things looking a bit more organized, I decided to make a gallery wall right on my fridge. Here is what I used:

  • old frames without the glass (just in case the frames fall)
  • grey chalk paint
  • white chalk paint
  • small magnets that are strong enough to hold up the frames. According to the scale on the package, the magnets I used had a magnetic strength of 7 out of 10.
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue

mix and match the frames for a collected look

I went with chalk paint for a nice, flat finish on the frames

A neutral color like grey keeps things looking clean

I wanted a slight variation of color on a few frames so I added white to make a lighter shade of grey

I put two coats of paint and let the frames dry for a few hours then I attached the magnets to the back of the frames using A LOT of hot glue.  You gotta make sure those things stick! I let the glue set for about an hour and then arranged the frames on the fridge. I gathered some of my kids' artwork and just sandwiched them in between the frames and the fridge for an instant gallery wall!

In need of some supplies for this project? Click on the affiliate links below.

Having kids artwork in picture frames makes each artwork look like a masterpiece!

The neutral-colored frames keep things from looking too crazy and allows the art to POP!

If you're not a fan of the kid art, then maybe you can create a gallery of family pictures from a recent trip.

choosing black and white prints keeps the "visual clutter" to a minimum

Or you can display a gallery of your favorite art pieces.

Anything goes with this refrigerator gallery wall. I thought of maybe adding cork to the back of the frame to pin up memos or how about framing a dry-erase board??? I don't know, I'm thinking of having some fun with it 😁

If you want some more tips on what to do with all that stuff kids come home with then you should check out my blog post on organization! I show you a method on organizing art, school papers, electronics, toys... you know what I'm talking about...


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    1. Thanks! Looking forward to filling those frames with pics from our vacation!

  2. love this! great job as always, oscar!

    1. Thanks so much Marsha! I appreciate you checking it out 😊