Thursday, February 8, 2024

Craving Color for the New Year

This new year has me craving brighter, happier colors. I usually don't shy away from color, but I do however, like to keep a color story simple and somewhat monochromatic using one color as the base color but in many different shades. My home has a color story of greens, grays and black mixed in with deep warm wood tones and aged brass. I don't really stray away from this "whole house" color story because I love consistency in a space. 

During our last Christmas, I watched a lot of YouTube videos of holiday home tours and I noticed that the homes that I felt were the most magical were the ones that had layers of bright and happy colors. There was a sense of playfulness and romance that each colorful home had. I think that the idea of evoking cheer and happiness through color really stuck with me and after the holidays it left me wanting more of that. 

For this new year, I would love to incorporate, small doses of happiness and cheer in the form of bright, beautiful colors that compliment the hues of green that surround me in my home.  

I've recently made a couple of small, simple changes in the living room that I feel is giving me the vibe that I am wanting in my home. I replaced the figure sketches (that I drew myself) hung around the television cabinet  with some inexpensive butterfly prints (linked here) that I purchased for under $8. I actually surprised myself in choosing butterfly prints and I was second guessing the idea, but the project was inexpensive and I figured if the prints didn't work that I wouldn't feel too bad about it not working in my home and that I could even gift them to someone if I decided not to keep them. I'm very happy to say that the butterfly prints look GREAT!

While scrolling through Pinterest for  a project, I came across a picture of a green metal floor lamp (linked here). I immediately fell in love with the soft green color and the empire shade of the lamp. I wasn't necessarily in the market for new lamps but I decided to place an order for a pair to flank each side of the sofa. The lamps look even better in person! Also, I didn't know this before purchasing them, the lamps have a dimmer switch so I can adjust the brightness to set the mood.

Maybe this is the beginning of many changes or maybe this is it. I actually don't know nor do I have plans on making any major changes. I'm just really experimenting and having fun.