Monday, March 25, 2024

Trending Now: Candle Sconces

I'm not big on following home decor trends but I do feel that many of us "home decor enthusiasts and decorators" can sometimes be on the same wavelength when it comes to what we are adding to our spaces and what ideas are currently exciting us. Lately, I've noticed many decor influencers are adorning their walls with candle sconces and although candle sconces are nothing new, it's definitely not an accessory that anyone was spotlighting until recently. 

I'm all about setting a mood with the right kind of lighting and you can't ever go wrong with illuminating your home with the soft glow of candlelight. Candle sconces will not only give you the option of having a candlelit space, they also add instant architectural detail to any room they're added to. 

I love these  wax LED moving flame candles. So close to the real thing! Find them HERE

I rounded up 9 gold and brass candle sconces that I found while I was shopping for a pair to add to my dining room. I have each one linked below. (FYI, number 1 is the one that is in my dining room). 

CANDLE SCONCES *affiliate links used*

1. Hand Crafted Gold Sconce // 2. Antique Gold Hammered Sconce // 3.Vela Unlaquered Sconce // 

4. Ripple Brass Sconce // 5. Antique Style Sconces // 6. Gold Aluminum Hurricane Sconce //

7. Leaf Wall Taper Sconce // 8. Parlored Mirror Sconce // 9. Bow Brass Sconces

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