Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Reviewing my Serena & Lily Bedding- Two Years and Many Washes Later

This post made possible by Serena & Lily. Always a pleasure to introduce their products in my home. Affiliate links used here, all opinions are my own ♡

 Two things that I love to splurge on: FOOD and BEDDING. 

Both of these things when they're constructed exceptionally, are such a joy to experience. We all know how amazing it feels to eat a delicious meal, am I right? Well, I find that sinking into a beautiful bed and having soft, cool sheets caress my skin while I nestle my head into the perfect spot on my pillow to be absolute bliss.  HEAVENLY.

Being a home decor blogger has given me a lot of opportunities to review bedding from quite a few different companies so I feel that because of this I really understand the difference between "good" bedding and "great" bedding. One of my favorite home decor brands, Serena & Lily asked if I would be kind enough to review some of my favorite products that I've owned for some time from Serena & Lily and the first thing that came to mind was the Serena & Lily bedding in our master bedroom.


In case you aren't familiar with Serena & Lily I wanted to briefly introduce you to this brand and their aesthetic. They're all about that relaxed, California style with a big emphasis on the way a person interacts with the items they use everyday in the home. Every item you find in their design shop is such a treat to touch because the designers put so much thought into how everything FEELS. All of their textiles, furniture and accessories have a major focus on texture and shape while keeping a neutral color palette to further enhance that texture in the item making you want to just reach out and feel all that yummy-ness.

Now that you know a little bit about Serena & Lily, I want to share my opinion on their bedding, both bedding that I've owned for a while now and bedding that I just recently received. I'm including links to all the bedding that I mention here. If you have any questions for me about anything that pertains to this post, please feel free to ask in the "comments" section at the bottom of this post. I actually LOVE hearing from you!


I've owned the Soho Sheet set for a couple of years now and I still enjoy this bedding set as much as the first day I laundered them and even after two years they still look ans feel amazing. These sheets are 300 thread count so they definitely have some weight to them and actually I find that they feel a little thicker than any other sheet I've had with the same thread count. The sheets are 100%  eco-friendly cotton sateen so not only do they feel like the softest fabric against the skin, they drape beautifully on the bed -so much that I usually don't need to iron them to look good! Speaking of looking good, the beautiful embroidery on the sheets are what I initially fell in love with. The "knot of wisdom" adds that elegant look to the sheets which I'm so attracted to! The embroidery comes comes in 9 beautiful colors and naturally, I chose the color "moss" 💚


This beautiful sutter velvet quilt feels buttery soft to the touch. It's such a treat to curl up into and feel the velvet against your skin. The  100% velvet  quilt in "moss"  has a very faint sheen to it and the "moss green" color is deep. The fabric looks  and feels very high-end. The other side of the quilt is l00% linen in an oatmeal color. The linen helps the quilt be breathable while still keeping you warm. Iv'e had it as long as the soho sheets and it looks as good as new. Even though the velvet quilt looks like it would be delicate to care for, it's actually not. I wash it in the washing machine at home using regular detergent, cold water and just tumble dry low. No high-maintenance needed to keep this beautiful quilt or the sheets looking great! My quilt is part of the Sutter Bedding Sets by Serena & Lily. I own the quilt and two matching shams in "moss". Unfortunately that color is not available right now, but the good news is that Serena & Lily just came out with the Sutter bedding line in LINEN which is a great way to keep you feeling cool during those summer nights!


Now that the southern California nights are starting to warm up a bit I found it to be the perfect time to update our bedding to something that would help keep us feeling crisp and cool while we fall asleep. I loved our Sutter quilt so much that I decided to swap the velvet for the Sutter Linen Quilt in white. This 100% European linen front and cotton poplin back quilt will keep us covered at night while still staying breathable. I just love the nubby texture of the quilt and the pristine white color. I read on the Serena & Lily website that the quilt just gets softer and softer after every wash. I'm really excited to own this for many years!


I'm also swapping my sheets for the summer with these 100% European Flax linen sheets and I'm so excited about it! I've never had linen sheets in our master bedroom but have always wanted some. The guest bedroom has linen sheets and I've always loved them. The Positano Linen Sheets come in 8 different colors and I fell in love with this pristine white that it comes in. The sheet set includes the flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases. As soon as I received my sheets, I washed them and put them on my bed. I am in love with the casual vibe the texture of the sheets bring to our bed! So chic!

I'm so impressed with my Serena & Lily bedding that I decided to invest in a set from them for the summer and early fall (because the fall temperature in southern California can still be a bit warm). I'm storing my Sutter velvet quilt set and the Soho sheet set until late fall and winter where it will make it's appearance again! 

We owe it to ourselves to feel good and to start and end our day in a well- appointed bed. After all those long hours at work or spending all day working on projects at home or feeding the family, nothing beats walking into our bedroom, closing that door and ending our day snuggling up in some soft, freshly laundered sheets!


'Till next time!


  1. You have actual linens! Looks great!

    1. Haha yes they're actual linens! 😁 thanks Brian hope all is well with you and the family