Saturday, September 25, 2021

Goldenrod Garland from Target looking BEAUTIFUL for my Fall Mantel!

 I've had the same green boxwood garland and wreath on my mantel since last winter so when my wife and I spotted the goldenrod wreath and matching garland on a recent trip to Target, we both immediately felt that the "Decor Gods" were telling us it was time for a long overdue mantel change! (our Target trip was meant for us to pick up sandwich bread, deli meat and milk but you know how that goes) 

I threw the goldenrod wreath and two strands of garland on top the pile of "necessities" that was probably already worth about $200 and somehow accumulated into our red cart. Okay, so I'm exaggerating but that doesn't mean that it hasn't happened in the past, LOL!

Once we got home I got to work on the mantel because I was that excited for the change. I added some matching candlesticks and a few pumpkins and just like that, it looked like Fall in Casita Bravo!

Doubling up on garland strands like I did here is actually a really good tip for you to do in order to create a fuller, more upscale look. It's easy to find garland at a decent price but unfortunately, that garland is usually pretty thin. The problem with thinner garland is that it tends to look too "wire-y" or flimsy. I always double up and sometimes even triple my garland strands to get that beautiful lush look.

Here's a pic of how the mantel looked before. This was December, 2020.

...and this is now :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog to check out my new Fall mantel! 
If you're interested in recreating this mantel in your home, I have the items linked below. Feel free to click on the item below if you want to make that purchase :)

'Till next time!


  1. That Goldenrod garland was MADE for your home! It is so perfect!!

    1. Thank you so much! I really do love how the yellow warms up the space đŸ’›