Saturday, May 1, 2021

Framing Wallpaper To Use As Oversized Art

*this post was made possible by Rebel Walls, my go-to source for wallpaper and murals. 
I'm not exactly sure what brought the sudden craving for a bit more color in my home. Now that I think about it, it could possibly be that this necessity for a more cheerful, more feminine and brighter space could stem from my somewhat stressful and chaotic work life. There's been some recent changes in my job that for the most part has been good, but has also brought on some challenges that have left me emotionally wiped out at the end of the day. I needed to make a few decorative changes that would help lift my spirits through the use of soft colors, beautiful patterns, order, and cohesiveness. Oh, and all of that had to be achieved at a really low price.

Two of the things that I felt zapped the brightness from the living room was the black jute rug and the art. The rug was switched for a beautiful area rug in a light grey color that really helps bounce the light around in the living room. This 8x10 rug  happens to be an indoor/outdoor rug so it will be a breeze to clean! As far as the art pieces go:  I do love the art in my living room so I will be using them somewhere else (to be continued...) 

I'm a big believer in filling a wall with larger-scaled art versus a bunch of small pieces which, if not done correctly, will end up looking cluttered and cheap. Because of the fact that I wanted to go big I thought that maybe a wall mural would be the way to go. The only thing is I wasn't in the mood to actually paste a big ol' mural on the wall because although it's not exactly complicated, hanging wallpaper isn't the easiest thing to do, either. That's when I got the idea to frame a wallpaper as if it was a piece of art! (3 pieces of art, to be exact).

When I wallpapered my daughter's room with a mural from Rebel Walls, I remember that they had a print that I fell in love with and kept it in the back of my mind for future reference. It was the "Chic Chinoiserie" in the color Jade Green. It has a beautiful pattern of branches, flowers and birds against a background of the most beautiful shade of green. The colors would fit perfectly with the color scheme in my home. 

What I love about ordering wallpaper from Rebel Walls is that you get a custom size. You enter the measurements of the walls your'e going to cover to get the exact size you need. You can also do things like flip, center and customize the layout of the print which really comes in handy if your'e doing an accent wall in a room.

 I wanted the art to expand a bit past the width of the sofa so I needed the total width to be about 80 inches or so. I found inexpensive poster frames at Target that were 27' wide and 40" tall. 3 of them side by side would give me the right width for above the sofa and at $30 a frame it's a total bargain. I went to the Rebel Walls website and entered the size I needed, adjusted how I wanted the print to be laid out and placed my order. I had my wallpaper in a little less than a week!

Once I had my wallpaper all I did was simply line up the paper onto the cardboard backing of the poster frame and secured it with just a couple pieces of tape and then slipped the cardboard onto the poster frame. I had 3 new pieces of large scaled art in minutes! 

I absolutely LOVED my new art pieces as soon as I had them hung on the wall but I felt the black frames looked too generic and also they were a bit too close together. To break up some of the black from the frames, I decided to add some antique gold Rub N Buff to the corners of the frames to give them some warmth and style.  Then I hung the frames back onto the wall, but this time a little more spaced out. Wow, what a good idea that was! Look at the difference! The gold Rub N Buff really added style to the boring frames!


The outcome of this small decorative project was exactly what I needed in my space. I loved it before, but now the living room feels more cohesive, thoughtful and definitely much more brighter. It's a space I definitely look forward to unwind in after a long day at work.



  1. What a great idea! It looks beautiful in your room. Love the color and peacefulness of it. I feel myself unwinding just looking at it on my computer screen :)

    1. Thanks so much! :) I definitely need some peace in my life so mission accomplished! 💚

  2. What a great idea! It looks beautiful in your room. Love the color and peacefulness of it. I feel myself unwinding just looking at it on my computer screen :)

  3. Hi Oscar! Just beautiful!! I love how the print, match your ginger jars!!

    1. Hi Jazzie! Thanks so much for taking the time to both visit the blog and leave a comment :) yes I do love how nicely the jars compliment the new art!