Monday, December 2, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide for the Decor Enthusiast

I avoid malls like the plague during the holiday season. Forget about the lines and parking! I'd rather sit by the fire at home and do a little online shopping while admiring my Christmas tree. While I was searching the web for ideas a few days ago, I spotted some pretty cool items that I felt would make great gifts for any decor enthusiast (or even for yourself). I've made 5 gift lists, each one with a certain style in mind







Every item is numbered and the links to these items will be below each list! If you're interested in any of these items, just click on the link.

*affiliate links used. I get a very small percentage of commission through your purchases. I always appreciate your support ♡

If you love metallics, art deco,  high fashion and luxurious fabrics then you or that special someone might just fit into the GLAM category. People who love glamour, usually love deep colors, velvet and fur, a bit of shimmer and a lot of style.

Maybe you or someone you love is more of a collector. This next gift guide, GLOBAL has a variety of items that would appeal to a person who appreciates items that look handmade and exotic.

For someone who loves a relaxed, beachy vibe and enjoys clean lines and natural fabrics, then maybe they'll enjoy adding items from my COASTAL gift guide to their home. These items, all from Serena and Lily have that coastal, California vibe that is both pulled together and relaxed. If you remember, I recently partnered with Serena and Lily to refresh my master bedroom with some beautiful bedding which I am totally in love with. (you can see that post HERE)

If you gravitate more to timeless pieces instead of trends then you might consider your style to be TRADITIONAL.  I find that I definitely love traditional pieces and love mixing them in with GLOBAL pieces to give my home a unique look. Anyway, back to my gift guide. Check out TRADITIONAL

Or maybe you get excited by clean lines,  minimal color and artistic silhouettes. Maybe you can consider yourself or that cool friend MODERN.

So what style do you think you are? Are you modern, traditional, coastal, global or glam? Or maybe a mix of two or more styles? 
I hope that this list is helpful or maybe inspire you to come up with some gift ideas for that person that appreciates a well-kept home. 

'Till next time!


  1. I love it all! I’m definitely modern, although I sometimes gravitate towards glam. Complete opposites. Lol.

    1. I can see that! I think I gravitate towards glam too