Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas Bedroom Blog Hop

Most of us love decorating our living rooms for Christmas but not many of us decorate the bedrooms. Why not add just a bit of holiday cheer in the place where we start and end our days? 

If you're visiting from the Christmas bedroom blog hop, then I know you've seen some great ideas for adding a bit of holiday magic to a bedroom. From pretty twinkle lights above the bed, to beautiful bedroom Christmas trees, you can be as simple or as elaborate as you want!

One easy way to add Christmas in your bedroom or really anywhere in your home is by adding a vase with a few pine branches. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere close to any woodland areas then just plan a day to take a nature walk where you would be able to gather some branches and even some pine cones. Me, I'm not that lucky. Instead of peacefully walking down a winding path in a misty forest, hearing the leaves crunch under my hiking boots, watching deer and bunnies frolicking in the distance while I search for the perfect pine branch, I'm over here at the Home Depot parking lot going through the big orange trash can outside of the tree cutting station quickly stuffing as many Christmas tree clippings into a grocery bag and running back to my car before anyone I know sees me. Oh, and this isn't stealing by the way. The people from Home Depot don't mind that I stop by every once in a while to take their tree clippings. They're totally cool with it. They might think I'm a weirdo, but still, when they see me they're like 👍.

To finish the look on the tables, I added my collection of mercury glass Christmas trees that I usually put on my mantel...

and a wreath above the bed that I hope won't fall on my head. ( I live in southern California)

battery operated wreath means no wires! Find a similar one HERE and a similar JOY marquee sign HERE

I also made a few changes to the bedding by adding a crisp, white duvet cover and matching shams with an elegant black border. 

Green Velvet quilt and embroidered sheets can be found HERE. Leopard print lumbar pillow can be found HERE.

The duvet and shams come in a bunch of other colors as well as the monogramming. If you're interested in checking the different options out, then head over to Crane and Canopy. They were kind enough to send us bedding from their online store and I must say I'm very happy with the way my monogrammed shams turned out! The one I ordered is the "Linden Black Border" duvet cover and standard shams. You can find that HERE. I've always wanted monogrammed bedding and now that I have them I'm feeling so classy.  Like the type of person that DOES NOT GO DUMPSTER DIVING FOR HOME DECOR.

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Oscar  (me)

Take care!