Monday, November 18, 2019

Trying out an $80 Christmas Tree

Listen. I know we're all about "bigger is better" but I'm not feeling the idea of pulling out my giant Christmas tree this year. My 1500 square foot duplex is fully furnished and there's really no room to budge. Well, there is  but I usually have to move a bunch of furniture around to accommodate my giant tree and I just don't feel like doing that.

My favorite tree from King of Christmas. Not incredibly tall (8 feet) but definitely WIDE. Love how bushy and realistic it is. 

from "Home for The Holidays" Blog Tour

I've always loved the charm of small, tabletop Christmas trees. I find them to be so elegant and nostalgic. When I came across this 5 1/2 foot cutie on my Target app I thought it was perfect! I totally loved the sparse, natural style of the tree, but I was kind of doubtful the tree was going to look as good as the picture on the Target app. Especially since the tree was only 80 freaking bucks! How good can an $80 tree look!? I've been fortunate enough to have a couple of really good quality trees and they ain't cheap!

 I hoped for the best and placed the order on my app and picked up my tree later that day, brought it home and started to unpack it. I was immediately surprised.

One of the things that separates a good-looking tree from a bad one is the pine needles on the branches. Usually inexpensive trees have those wiry branches that are crispy and flat. Better looking trees (that are usually more expensive) have plastic branches with plastic needles which look a lot more realistic. This tree from Target has both. The branches that stick out are plastic and the ones on the inside are those wiry. Not bad πŸ‘

I started setting my new tabletop tree, happily surprised so far at how it's looking even right out of the box! 

FYI, it's much easier to fluff your tree one section at a time instead of fluffing the branches after putting the whole tree together. After putting my $80 baby tree all together and fluffing up the branches I stood back to take a look at my new purchase and I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! The tree looks JUST like it looks online! YAY! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Take a look! How cute is this baby tree!?  

I am so in love with this tree and the fact that it was super affordable is a major plus! Target, ya did it again! 

I actually came across of a couple of other beautiful trees from Target that come in different heights including standard heights of about 7 feet. Check them out below. If you are interested in my tree, you can click HERE for it. 

Now to think about the base. I'm envisioning putting the tree inside a big urn but not sure how I would get it to stay inside without tipping over πŸ˜•. Any ideas?? Let me know in the comments πŸ’š

*this tree is not pre-lit hence the lower price point.

I'm looking forward to styling this little tree and I'm hoping to share it within the next few days πŸ™
'Till next time!


  1. What about putting it in a tall, round basket instead? One that the stand would fit in. Then you could fill in around the trunk with crumpled wrapping/tissue paper, top the paper with Spanish Moss and it would look like a live, potted tree that you brought in for the season.

  2. I like that idea πŸ€” especially topping it off with moss. I might have a big enough basket too. Thanks!

  3. Your tree looks positively enchanting! Can you please share the type and source of lighting you used as well as the quantity for this little gem of a tree? Thanks!