Monday, August 15, 2016

Recent Thrift Store Finds- Styled!

Oh, how I love thrifting. The thrill of the unexpected, the one-of-a-kind pieces and the history behind them- all of that is so addicting! Thrifting is also very relaxing for me. It forces me slow down and really focus on my surroundings. And I like to really take my time in a thrift store. I walk the store a few times over just to make sure I don't miss anything. Also, I take a very casual approach to thrift store shopping. I never go in to a thrift store with a mission to find a certain object. If I happen to find something I love and is affordable, then GREAT! If not, it's no biggie.

 I recently visited two of my favorite local thrift stores and found a few things that I love. I had them sitting in my garage for a few days and I finally had a chance to play with them!

found a few things: A large basket, a candleholder, a small pot, and 6 trays!

I get this question a lot: "Where do you thrift shop?" I have my favorites here in my area, but if you aren't sure where your local thrift shops are, then go to and type in your city to find out where the nearest thrift shops are to you!

So here's what I got:


Thrift stores are usually well-stocked in baskets of all shapes and sizes. But this one was a bit different than the usual baskets I see. The size of this one was great! It's about 2 feet tall and nice & wide. I love the shape and also love that it has handles.

I decided that my new basket will be showcased in the dining area along with a tall woven vase and a small vintage brass plate. This little vignette is the first thing I see when I walk through my front door and I must say, it's nice to be able to admire my new basket as soon as I come home.

*Note the varying heights and the rule of three. Grouping objects in odd numbers like I did here, always look balanced. So if you're ever having a hard time arranging something, try grouping 3 items together.  (But really that's not the only way to create balance.) 

I also got a small clay jar thingy.

I think it's supposed to hold sugar because there is a hole for a small spoon in the lid. Anyway, I loved the muted colors and texture of it. Pretty much, I seem to be attracted to items that have a hand-made touch. This little guy is sitting on my side table in my living room. Doesn't he look at home there?!

Another cool find was a wooden bird-shaped candle holder.

I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It almost has a Jonathan Adler feel to it. I styled it on my mantel besides a simple bud vase. I can already imagine using my bird candleholder A LOT during the fall months!

My candleholder uses mini candlesticks and I found mine at Sprouts Market of all places. But, I know that Williams Sonoma carries mini tapers too, in case you ever need any...

And last but not least, I want to show off my new bamboo trays!

There were 5 on a shelf and I was hoping for 6. To my surprise, I ended up finding a SIXTH ONE a few aisles down! At $2.99 each I did not hesitate to throw these suckas in my cart!

They are a bit on the fragile side, so I'm only using them for special occasions; BUT OMG HOW GOOD DO THEY LOOK WITH THE GREY AND YELLOW!? Ugh... these are the kind of things I live for...

And there you have it! My most recent thrift store finds all styled up and ready to be shown off ;)
Thanks for allowing me to share my excitement with you!

Take Care!


  1. I love it! It all comes together, even that adorable ceramic sugar jar! After reading your blog, and mentioning, your ideas need to somewhat blend and have the same color scheme. Thanks!!

    1. thanks for reading! Color is amazing and I use it to make my home flow. Although I must say that each bedroom upstairs is a different color scheme lol. But that's different because you don't see all the rooms together like you do downstairs :)