Tuesday, August 23, 2016

40 Stylish Desk Lamps

I've recently changed my habits to become more organized. I am using a planner and scheduling a whole bunch of things now. I AM TAKING CONTROL OF MY LIFE! This means that I am spending more time at my desk writing, and editing away... and I love it. (If you want to read about how I started a content calendar and scheduling my blog posts, go HERE.)

I know, I know... a desk in a master bedroom is a "no-no" but I have no office space in my home and currently, no other designated work space. My bedroom is in the back of the house which makes it nice and quiet AND has a bunch of big windows in it so I get a nice breeze while I work!

For me to be inspired and to stay on task, my work space needs to be clean, functional and have nice things to look at. The task lighting is no exception.

Surround yourself with beautiful things AND people that you love and admire. Life's too short, peeps!

ANYWAYZZZ... I have collected 40 of my favorite table lamps and I'm sharing them with you! If you are in need of a nice task lamp, look no further! (I did the homework for you, guys!)

Curious to know what my criteria was for curating my lighting collection? Here's what I was looking for:

1. The lamps had to be aesthetically pleasing
2. They had to have an interesting shape
3. They had to be the right height for a desk
4. They HAD TO HAVE a SHADE! Having a bare bulb shining in your face is never comfortable.
5. They had to be affordable (although some are better deals than others, but I tried not to go crazay)

So here we go! Here are my top 40 pics for desk lamps!

All the lamp pics are linked so if you're interested in one, click on the pic and it will take you to the site to purchase! BAM! That easy!

Till next time!

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