Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Outdoor Picnic for Two

Summer is officially here and that means a lot of outdoor activities will be happening with our family and friends. Although I don't really consider myself an outdoorsy type of person, I do enjoy gathering outside with friends and family to enjoy a nice meal.

A few months ago I created a tablescape for my monthly column in Everything Home Magazine. In case you haven't heard, Everything Home Magazine is a free digital magazine that features the homes of Bloggers and Instagram accounts that are geared towards home decor. Created by my friend, Collette Osuna of “Spindle & Rye” blog, this digital mag is full of DIY ideas, recipes, photography tips, and a bunch of other stuff!

If you want to check out the mag, you can read your free copy by clicking HERE! I can assure you that you will love it!

Anyway, back to my picnic….

So I created a picnic style tablescape for two for the spring issue but I never shared it with you all! It was SUPER EASY to create!

I set up my picnic in my parents backyard. They have a beautiful orange tree that provides excellent shade.

***OK, let me be frank. I LOVE eating outdoors,  but I kinda hate eating on the ground. I think it sucks***

Drinks always end up spilling, my back starts to hurt, my ass gets numb… I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

The answer to these picnic woes? Cushions and a short table! Take a coffee table outside along with some throw cushions and place them under a shady tree for a comfy picnic.
I grabbed some extra throw pillows that weren't being used (you know you all have a bunch of them in a closet somewhere) and covered them with some $4 cushion covers from IKEA.

Or, do what I did: I placed an old piece of framed art on top of two plastic crates and covered them with an old sheet.

I threw some candlesticks that I found in my parent's bedroom , a runner plates and all that...

And just like that I got myself a small table that is the perfect height for eating on the ground!

No one will ever know what is really going on under that bed sheet!

Having a sturdy, raised surface to put your drinks and food on makes such a difference. It also makes a picnic feel more luxurious because you are bringing the indoors outside. Like a mini dining room under a tree. Add elements that you don't typically see in a picnic like candlesticks, linen napkins and porcelain plates to really make some magic happen! You could even add some overhead lighting like a chandelier with some battery powered candles!! (Ugh, that idea just came to me and I wish I would have done that).

I DID however, add a runner that I quickly created by tying together some branches from my parents’ backyard along with some oranges from the tree.
I'm pretty proud of that one! Especially since it was FREE!

Along with the runner, I decided to use some more clippings from my parents' yard. I tied pieces of ferns around the wine glasses just for an unexpected touch.

The linen napkins are from Williams Sonoma. I found them a while back in the clearance section but sadly they are no longer available. I was only able to find two of them at the time. I purchased them in hopes of finding at least two more...

The gold flatware is vintage but I have seen a lot of gold flatware readily available in many department stores.

I hope that I inspire you to take advantage of any outdoor spaces you have in your home (or your parents’ home) and set up a nice outdoor picnic this summer.

Doesn't have to be extravagant!

 Just use what's around you!

All you need is a “table” a sheet, some plates and some napkins and a shady spot! Oh, and some good food of course. The food is probably the most important lol.

I had such a great time creating this picnic for two! Especially since it cost little money to create. My advice for you is

 "keep your eyes opened and your wallets shut"

 I am looking forward to creating a bigger picnic next time. I'm going to have to search for a larger table. I've been thinking of using wood pallets as a larger size table...

Take care!


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  1. Oscar! Have you thought about doing weddings and events!? This is incredible! So pretty! Can't wait to pin!