Wednesday, February 17, 2016

From your wardrobe to your home

Sometimes it's hard to find out what it is that you like for your home decor. I suggest looking no further than your own closet for inspiration! What colors do you find yourself wearing a lot? Are you bold with your color choices? Or maybe you love neutrals with just a dash of color from a necklace. 

Here, I will show you how I interpret this great spring look by Men's fashion blogger, Chris B.A. of Melbourne, Australia. Go check him out at:

image via
I love the casual and lightweight vibe of Chris' blazer which is perfect for spring. This Pottery Barn linen sofa has that same casual feel.

Pair the sofa with this black and white houndstooth armchair for a mix of classic and modern.

Throw a couple of these awesome pillows (at a great bargain) on top of that linen sofa for an added cool, tropical feel. OK, and I just have to point out what a great match this pillow is to Chris' shirt!

via H & M (no longer available)

Also, his picture has some pink flowers in the background so I was inspired to add a bit of rose quartz to the look. After all, it is one of Pantone's color of the year

via Target (no longer available)

Here's another pillow I love and it's from West Elm. How amazing is it with that cool tassel!? Inspired by the black and white belt on the outfit, this gives the space some contrast.

image via West Elm (no longer available)

Continuing the black and white from the belt, I was inspired to pick this rug and artwork

Some cool Artwork...

via Wilder California

A coffee table inspired by all-white leather Adidas!

A few accessories...

And here's the whole look all together!

What do you think?

The finished look is casual yet tailored. The accessories lend a tropical feel to the room which is perfect for the warmer seasons. 



  1. This is a great article!!! I never saw it like that but makes sense. I would be awww if i saw someone with this room!

    1. I would love to own everything on that mood board Yesica! Is it time for a makeover? ?