Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Arranging Branches

During the spring, you can find beautiful cherry blossom or peach blossom stems in your local floral shop. These branches are so elegant, easy to care for, and last a long time. They aren't very expensive either. 

Just look at how elegant this large vase of budding branches look in my friend Loi's dining room. 
image via Tone on Tone Antiques Blog

The beautiful branches that Loi used are the real deal. Today I am working with faux blossom branches and I want to show you how to arrange them so they don't look cheesy. You can incorporate my tips using real branches as well!

I found my branches at Hobby Lobby for about 4 bucks each. 

I used 5 for this arrangement.

I used a large white vase as a vessel

Next, I held my branches against my vase to see how high I wanted them. I bent the excess up and set the branch in my vase. *NOTE: if you are using a clear vessel then I highly recommend that you cut the excess with wire cutting pliers so you don't see the bent stems on the bottom. 

I varied the height of the stems because I wanted my arrangement to look more "organic".

I taped the last two branches together to create one thicker and longer branch. They were unevenly attached so that one branch overlaps the other; thus making the branch much longer than the rest.

I wanted a long branch to sweep to the right, creating a silhouette that would be found in nature. Like how a branch on a tree would grow outwards.

I bent some of the branches to create a more natural look.

(Sorry about my wrinkled shirt, I didn't feel like ironing today. I was too busy arranging flowers. Priorities)

And here's the finished arrangement! I'm really happy with the outcome! I love that the branches have motion to them, creating a very elegant shape. 

Hope I was able to help you all! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I needed this!!! Love branches.....thanks friend....super cute "Pin it Button" :)

  2. Great job Oscar!! I swear we could have written this together. I was instructing Jeff last night as I was filling an urn by my door. Lol. He was telling me he loved what I did so I gave him a blow by blow account. Lol. Not sure he wanted all the info but that's what he got! ;)

    Thanks so much for all your gorgeous inspiration and ideas on IG. I love your positive attitude... You always bring everyone up. Hugs!!

  3. Oh I love this tutorial. Your arrangement and home are beautiful. I can't wait to get to the floral shop. Pinning and sharing. Thanks Oscar