Monday, November 19, 2018

An Icy Winter Mantel

Last Christmas (2017) I fell in love with some beautiful acrylic snowflake ornaments that I used in my tree. The transparent, icy snowflakes glistened with the reflection of the Christmas lights making the tree look magical. I loved the snowflakes so much that I was inspired to have next year's holiday decor have an icy, winter theme.

2017 Christmas, via "7 Simple Tips for a Beautifully Decorated Christmas Tree"

These icy snowflakes were the inspiration for this year's winter mantel. THAT, and also some cool  icicle ornaments that I came across on the internet. These hand-blown glass beauties have a more realistic shape compared to your dollar store plastic icicles. I love how delicate they look! I've never seen icicles in real life (sheltered southern Californian) but I assume they look close to what my ornaments look like, LOL.

I began constructing my winter mantel by laying out some moss, then adding some realistic branches on top of the moss. Then I nestled a collection of mercury glass trees in between the branches and filled the empty spaces with pine sprays. I then sprinkled a few pine cones here and there and then added the glass icicles to the branches and I was done! Seriously, a mantel has never come to fruition so easily like this winter mantel did. Usually a mantel takes me a few days to decorate! This one I finished in one evening! 

I am IN LOVE with how the mantel came out. I love how simple and earthy it is! As usual, if you have any questions about the products in this post, you can scroll down and see that I linked the products I used or similar products that you can order. My affiliate links are used so I do get a very small commission from anything you purchase through my links at no extra cost to you :) and I sincerely thank you in advance 💚


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