Thursday, May 3, 2018

Rearranging your Furniture Makes Everything Feel New Again

Sometimes I feel like selling everything in my home and starting over. I feel like that often, actually. Since interior design is my passion, I am constantly looking at images of amazing homes and beautiful furniture and I just WANT IT ALL.  But then I remember I can't buy all new furniture because I have to use my money for things like paying bills and feeding my children which leaves me with enough expendable income to buy a throw pillow and some new coasters. Ugh, if only my kids liked Top Ramen then maybe I could afford more things. Oh well. 

Fortunately I have found a way to fulfill that desire for new things by totally changing up the layout of my furniture. Guys, your furniture is not supposed to stay where it is for the rest of it's life. That's way too stagnant and way too permanent.  When something is always the same, eventually we don't notice it like we used to and we become bored with it. The benefit of moving your furniture around is that you notice and appreciate it like you did when you first brought it home. It's a really good feeling. 

OK, OK, so I did make one small purchase... I purchased a new bench but in my defense, I used the money that I made from selling my brown sofa. You remember I had if for sale? Well, it finally sold which gave way to new seating in the form of a very long bench.

Why a bench, you ask? Well, I really like how a bench doesn't enclose a space and I also like how someone has the option of sitting facing the living area or dining area. Makes sense in my open-floor plan. The bench is a great size as it's about 64" wide and about 22" deep. Just about as deep and wide as a loveseat!

 I do want to customize the bench by staining the legs a darker color and adding some bolsters to each side. I want the bench to resemble a chaise. Kind of like this:

I didn't get that one because it was a bit smaller than what I wanted and it wasn't the type of fabric that I was looking for. It's nice though and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

So even though I did add one extra (and very inexpensive) piece of furniture, everything else I already owned and now the whole living room feels new and refreshed. I'm not finished though. I'm sure I'll add a side table somewhere and maybe another plant or switch the pillows... who knows! Like I said, home decor doesn't have to be permanent.

If you're feeling hesitant to move your furniture around because you think it might not work, just remember this: you can always move the furniture back. Be open minded and move your seating. Move it away from the walls and into the center of the room! Heck, I've even swapped my living area and dining area! Go ahead and make some changes to liven up the place. Live with it for a few days even if you aren't sure about it at first and if after a few days it still doesn't feel right then move it again! Have fun with the fact that you have that freedom! Try it out and see how great you feel about your home again.

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