Saturday, February 10, 2018

An Impromptu Valentines Day Mantel

Since when did decorating for Valentines Day become a thing?

I'm definitely a seasonal decorator who enjoys to change my home up to reflect the current season and I do decorate for some holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but VALENTINES DAY???!

Sorry, but the whole dang holiday is kinda corny to me and in my opinion, nothing is less romantic than predictability so red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and giant teddy bears are not gonna happen 'round here!

Even though I'm not a fan of Valentines Day, I decided that decorating for it would be a great excuse to get out of this creative "rut" that I was feeling. After Christmas, my home was feeling rather stagnant. The holidays had me BEAT and my home was definitely a reflection of that. The place was so bad that I JUST took down the Christmas lights last week! Yeah, I was THAT person in the neighborhood.

I was going to use Valentines day as my excuse to freshen things up in our home, sans anything hearts or pink.

I have a bunch of salvaged letters stored in my garage and fortunately I had the right ones to spell out the perfect word for Valentines... LOVE. Up they went on the mantel.

To freshen up the place I added some fresh cut flowers, cleaned the place up, opened the windows and my little home felt new and clean!

There isn't a better way to liven up a place by adding some fresh flowers.

I'm so glad I was able to finally put those letters to use. And each one actually has a story attached to it.

The "L" is actually a number "1" that I found during my first time at a flea market. The "O" is from a vintage typography book that I found and for some reason passed up at a local thrift shop. I thought about it for ever thinking how dumb I was to leave it. A month later, I went to the same thrift store and it was STILL THERE! The "V" was a gift from my sister. The "e" was from a store sign were I used to work for many years and got taken down when the store closed for business. The "." is last year's Christmas ornament.

*In need of some Valentines day art? I found a few fun ones that can be purchased and printed at your local print shop. I have them linked below, check them out!

 To all of you who take the time to read my blog, to comment on my posts, to press that little heart button on Instagram... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. You all are amazing and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such an encouraging group of people. I definitely feel the love. xo



  1. Thanks so much! I really think Valentines day is a great excuse to freshen up our homes. Go for it and have fun!

  2. I'm with you, Oscar. I would much rather be surprised with flowers on any other day of the year, which in my opinion, would mean so much more to me than on a day that a person would feel obligated to give me flowers. I think you decorated perfectly. Your home is so beautiful. xoxo

    1. Hi Prudy!! Yeah, the whole predictability of Valentine's day kinda ruins the whole thing for me too lol. Thanks so much for checking out my post 😊

  3. I am much like you in that I do enjoy changing things up for different seasons and holidays, but, usually, a little goes a long way (with the exception of Christmas where more is more 😉) I usually add a touch of something for Valentines Day, but I NEVER do Halloween, so we are opposite, haha. I just adore your subtle mantel here!

  4. This is the perfect amount of decor for Valentine's Day! I am like you and think most of the decor is super cheesy and corny, but you NAILED it! At the risk of sounding corny myself, I love it ;)