Friday, January 19, 2018

Create A Beautiful Orchid Arrangement in Minutes - What's On My Coffee Table

This is what I love about this centerpiece:

1. It's cheap 
2. It requires no skills to make it
3. It lasts for weeks
4. It looks chic as F***

Orchids are everywhere. Usually grocery stores like Trader Joes and even Home Depot has potted orchids for less than 10 bucks!

someone needs to clip their nails πŸ˜’

If you want to freshen up your home with some fresh flowers but don't want to hassle with a floral arrangement, go get a couple of orchids and follow my directions.


  • A wide planter, serving bowl or basket of some kind to house your orchids. Make sure it's deep enough to cover the pots the orchids come in.  The grey planter I used is 13" wide and 5" deep
  • Moss 
  • Plastic bags or something like that to fill the planter
  • 2 small potted orchids


If you are using a vessel that you don't want to wet, then cover the bottom of it with a plate.

Next, put your orchids in the planter or whatever you are using and fill the gaps with plastic bags. Make sure the orchids are secured tight. You don't want those beauties to get knocked down.

Now, cover the ugly bags with beautiful green moss.

Don't EVEN cry to me that you don't have any moss or you don't know where to get some. Look, I know I'm a decorator and I have this type of shit stored away all over my house but can you please just go get some!? It's good to have a bag of moss stored away somewhere for school projects and impromptu flower arrangements like this one and trust, moss is readily available and easy to find. WALMART even has moss in stock and last time I checked there where over 6,000 Walmart stores in America. I've also seen moss at the flower section of the grocery store and even at the dollar stores. If you can't manage to go to any of those places, then here πŸ‘‡

After you put the moss over the bags, you pour a little water in your orchids' soil, place them somewhere visible in your house, invite some friends over and enjoy the look on their envious faces when they get a glimpse of your expensive-looking flower arrangement 😎

P.S.  What do you think of my new sofa??? Actually I still have my old brown sofa and I'm debating whether to keep it or not. More on that HERE.


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  1. You make everything look so easy! I'm going to buy me some orchids today and I do have a stash of moss. You're too funny on that. Two orchids? I'm always confused when it's ok to do an even number vs. odd. Love the sofa! You scored big time!!

    1. It really is that easy! And I'm so glad you have moss. You're my kind of person lol. I would have loved to put a third orchid in my arrangement but it would have been too crowded. If I had a longer vessel I would have definitely used a third orchids. Have fun making yours!! I'm sure it will turn out beautiful!!