Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall 2017 Decor Inspiration

 Wondering how my brain works when it comes to decorating? Well, it usually starts with color.

 Color is the #1 way I am inspired and it's usually the colors of nature. This fall season I was inspired  by the hue of dried leaves, warm woods, black leather and a favorite grey sweater.

 Color is most important in my decor process because it's what ties everything together. The color  story that I pick will help make sense of another component in decorating which is the "feeling" or  "mood" of the room. What do I want my room to feel like?

 For this season I wanted my room to feel warm, quiet and inviting. I wanted it to feel a bit heavier,  enveloping and more saturated than Spring and Summer.  I wanted my home to have a warm glow in  the evening with candlelight. (OK, I'm starting to sound a bit cheesy, but seriously that is how my  brain works).

This picture is from when I created an indoor picnic in my living room last year and you can see it HERE.

 After I make sense of the colors and mood of a room, I start to think of the finishes and textures that  I want to incorporate in my decor. What textures, shapes, and even smells will enhance the MOOD  of the room?  For Autumn, I wanted earthy and masculine finishes like leather and wood. I wanted a  mix of  smooth leathers, nubby fabrics and woven accents. 

 To understand what I'm going for I created a mood board. I encourage you to do the same whenever  you're planning a space. A mood board (or inspiration board) will definitely help you stay focused on  achieving the look you are going for.

*image credit left to right: Collected -County Living by Jimmy Stanton  Natural -Dan Mazzarini  Artisanal -Forest and Found  Cozy -Althaus 

Here are some of my favorite new additions to my home for fall

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