Thursday, June 8, 2017

An Asian-Inspired Table Setting

So, my sister and my brother-in-law purchased this dinner for two made by one of their favorite chefs/ T.V. Personality and winner of “Masterchef, Season 6” Claudia Sandoval! Pretty cool, huh!? Well, Chef Claudia lives in San Diego (like me) and she only does local. My sis lives in Fullerton so she asked to borrow my house for that evening. Being the good brother I am, I said “sure!”

(Here’s a little intro of Chef Claudia)

I wanted to make their night special, so I decided to come up with a simple but memorable tablescape for their dinner.

I had these pagoda place mats stored away and had not had the chance to use them and I thought this was a great opportunity. That was my starting point for this tablescape.

I knew that the place mats weren't enough to make a statement so I ran with the Asian theme and decided that my tablescape needed paper lanterns. I initially was thinking of purchasing multiple sizes of lanterns and arranging them down the middle of the table, like a runner. Kinda like this, but with varying sizes of lanterns

via Two Wedding Belles

But I couldn't find the sizes I wanted, so I decided to make my own.

I'm so glad I decided to make them. I always feel good when I save money by making things myself. Want to learn how to make paper lanterns? Get my tutorial HERE .

I hung the paper lanterns on these branches that I have had for a while. I get soooo many questions on what and where these branches are from and although the looks super real,  they aren't! Interested in some of the branches for your place? I have them linked right down there 👇

I added these glass “chargers” for a bit of sparkle. They actually aren't even supposed to be chargers. I found them in the candle section of IKEA and I guess they're meant to hold pillar candles.  The funny thing is the inside is shaped like a dinner plate! When I saw them I was like “no, that's a charger plate” lol.

Finished the table setting with my vintage gold flatware. Isn't that elephant motif cool? I'm assuming they're from India?

My sister and her husband had a great time with amazing food. They let me taste some good.

I wish I could show you what the food looked like. (I left the house once Chef Claudia started cooking. I didn't want to make things awkward since this was a dinner for two.)

If you're interested in making the paper lanterns, remember I have a tutorial! Click HERE to see it, and maybe pin it for later. I can totally see these paper lanterns being used as garland. And, the good thing is that they are so easy to make, you can get a kiddo to help!


 If you're into tablescapes, check out some other ideas here in this blog by clicking on "Setting The Table"

‘Till next time!


  1. Oscar! You've done it again! I always love your tablescapes. Most of them are etched in my mind as "table goals" forever....When I saw your email about a new tablescape I came RUNNING over! So many ideas I just want to do not disappoint my friend! Thank you again!

    1. Oh Julie, or Jodie lol..
      It was so nice to see your comment here! Thank so so much, you're always so encouraging and I appreciate that. It definitely has been a minute since I've created a Tablescape. I had a great time doing it :)

  2. Beautiful tablescape!!! The picture are gorgeous😍😍😍 Your tablescape are def the Best!!!

  3. You are my idol. It'll be cool to run into you next time we visit San Diego.

  4. Cool! These dinnerware set looks so perfect! Completely matched with the environment.