Sunday, November 20, 2016

Five Easy Steps to a Chic Christmas

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself! I'm Tamara -Interior decor enthusiast! You can follow along with me and my decorating adventures on my Instagram profile, "Designs by Tamara Lee (@Tlee79) and on Pinterest Today, I'm taking over my good friend Oscar's blog to show you my living room and here she is all decked out for the holidays, dipped in fur, shining bright like a diamond and surrounded in a luscious chic wonderland and I want to share with you my five easy steps on how you can create your own chic wonderland.

I'm totally obsessed when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This year was a little different for me because earlier this year I purchased a pink sofa on the fly. I saw it and had to have it. I didn't think twice. I was actually in the parking lot waiting for my daughter to come back from a field trip. Best thing I have done! She is magical, we named her #frenchie... with Frenchie being new to the hood, I had to start all over when it came to Christmas decorating. The one and only store I hit up was Homegoods. I knew with my budget I could get everything I needed, with some exceptions. 
In design I always start from the ground up... this rug is perfect to layer over my cold wood floors. In the winter its super cozy and I love to have a little shag. This white with light grey diamonds is a perfect textile in creating a cozy and chic zone. I know on Christmas morning we will all be on the ground unwrapping like wild maniacs. 

Speaking of cozy, Homegoods always has a huge selection of fur throws. This year I screamed out loud because our store's faux fur blanket and pillow aisle was color coordinated. That gets me every time. I knew I needed this crisp white fur to give Frenchie added texture and I was able to find in a jiffy so that totally made me happy. 

To keep it super chic & modern I went with all white trees. I layered them up for a true winter wonderland. 2- 7.5' trees on either side of Frenchie. On the left I added in at different heights white potted trees for more texture. On the right was a small 4' tree with a faux fur tree skirt that I wish I can wear to a Christmas party.. just kidding but I really like that Homegoods added fur to their collection.

I cant ignore the gallery wall. I went same ol same ol shine bright like a diamond with prints that I like to call Hot line Bing. When it comes to my gallery wall more is more. So why not let it snow in geo shapes and diamonds. The pink trees I feel totally added a pop of pink and gave it modern twist to add the wonderland vibe. They are my limited Christmas addition to my shop

Moving upwards LIGHTS.. lights lights let there be lights. Why can't you put lights up? there's is no cants in my designs technique. At least try whatever you come up with once. If it sucks, it sucks. Take it down.. move on. When i saw all these boxes of battery operated lights I knew my ceiling was going to get dressed up. I mixed little twinkling lights and big bulbs because its awesome. The best part besides, them being battery operated, is they are plastic so if they fall they wont break and smash in a hundred millions pieces.

Wait don't go, there's more...

Who loves Hot Coco?? I'm also sharing my families favorite hot coco recipe 

One thing we keep tradition as a family is making hot coco on the cold winter nights or sometimes as dessert.. We try to see who can add the most marshmallows.

This time I didn't scream, I ran when I saw this pink kiddle. I'm totally not even a runner, maybe a cool power walker.. And by cool I mean still in my flip flops.
...and their mug selection is always on point. Seems like I always find what I'm looking for. It's always best when I'm not though.
Our hot coco recipe 
Boiling water
Your fav hot coco mix (ours is Nestle Abuelita, a Mexican hot chocolate)
Splash of milk
Boil water to 200*
Add 3 full scoops or a package of hot coco mix leaving room for milk
Add milk leaving room for marshmallows 
Top with marshmallows 


Thanks all for reading! AND Thank you for hosting me on your amazing site! Also thanks to DFoster Photography for photographing my place.


.*I have partnered with HomeGoods for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

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