Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Week - Impromptu Birthday Brunch!

birthday brunch pink cake

Last week was my beautiful wife's birthday. I always love when her birthday rolls around because we usually have a big celebration that I get to partake in without being the center of attention. I might even enjoy her birthday more than mine! Don't get me wrong, I do like to get my own cake and a few gifts here and there but I seem to relax more when I'm not the center of attention, do you know what I mean?

birthday brunch cake
Cute cake from Vons. I added the brooch on top.

This year, for my wife's birthday things were a little different. We didn't have a huge party. We didn't plan an elaborate get-together with friends and at a fancy restaurant, per usual. We didn't make the 2 hour trip to have fun with family. We both thought this year it would be best to just stay low key and be at home together. Because we are living on one income, (well my wife does have her own business, but is just starting)  it is easier and less stressful for us not to think about funding a huge party! But you know what... I felt so guilty about it...

SO GUILTY to the point that I almost didn't want to think about her birthday. I know how much she LOVES to celebrate BIG and the fact that we weren't going to have a party made me feel so bad. I convinced myself that if we weren't going to do anything big, we shouldn't do anything at all because it wasn't going to be good enough  anyway. "Maybe we could just go have a nice little dinner with the kids" I would say to her.

The closer my wife's birth date was, the worse I felt. We still had nothing planned. "SO... what do you feel like doing for your birthday? Are you sure you don't want to at least invite a few people over?" I asked  again the day before her birthday. And still, I wouldn't get much feedback. "Oh, no, it's okay. I don't want to do anything... don't worry about it". She would say... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! THAT MEANS YOU SHOULD REALLY WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!

I panicked! I had nothing planned! See, the thing is we don't plan each others birthdays. We plan our own birthdays. I tell her what I want to do for my birthday, and vice versa. But, I could read between the lines! I knew she wanted to feel special on her birthday and it was up to me and the kids to do that for her. 

Why did I wait?! Why did I think that I couldn't do a little something for her, even if it was small?! I ALWAYS seem to have the ability to make something out of nothing! HE-LLLLOOOOO! I will cook her a nice brunch and set up a nice, casual table! I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT! 

So, on the day, the kids and I snuck out of the house before my wife woke up to buy balloons, flowers and a cake. We set up the table and surprised her with a birthday buffet brunch -mimosas and all! IT WAS DELISH !

She loved it! It made me so happy to see how much she enjoyed her brunch at home. I was so foolish to think that in order to do something for someone, it had to be BIG and extravagant. I always preach the opposite! So, the lesson here folks is, don't NOT do something because you feel it won't be perfect or "good enough!" You will surprise yourself!

Like all of her birthdays, I had a great time, HAHAHA! And, most important, so did she. 

make a wish!

Take Care!

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  1. It was perfect! I loved it so much I want the same thing next year :)