Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One - Room Spring Blogger Tour

Thanks for stopping by!

 If you're visiting from Alma's tour at Almafied, welcome! for all you first-timers here, I want to thank you for touring my living room.

I was asked by my friend Kathleen from Lindsay Hill Interiors to participate in a blogger "One-Room Spring Tour" where 25 bloggers freshen up one room in their house for spring to share on their blog. I was like, "YES PLEASE!" I've been wanting to refresh my living room anyway so this was perfect timing!

There's 25 of us all together and each day this week, 5 bloggers share 1 room on their blog and link each other up. You can tour the rooms and see different styles and get some great ideas for you to incorporate in your home. SO PIN AWAY, MY FRIENDS! PIN AWAY!

I will have the complete list of tours at the end of this post.

Let's get started!

First, I want to show you a before picture of my living room. I am really excited how much my living room has changed for spring by just switching up the accessories.

Here is the before...

I mean, I liked the "before" but the space felt a bit lackluster, you know? I wanted a pop of freshness in my home!


I kept all the furniture the same, with the exception of my lamp that I brought down from my bedroom. I think switching the art makes the biggest difference!

I love my new gallery wall! And, I painted all of my pieces on my own!

I rarely go out and purchase art. I have been making my own for a while. Either I paint them, or I use free graphics from the internet. I especially love painting my own pieces because it's an affordable option for one-of-a-kind original art! If you don't know by now; let me tell you 2 things about myself:


It's a hard combination, yo! I would love to be able to spend freely on my home, but it ain't happening! #firstworldproblems. This means that I look for deals, buy flexible items, and "try" to DIY!

I encourage you all to create your own art pieces, it's fun! Get some inspiration from your favorite artists, get a canvas, some paint and a paintbrush and let the Picasso in you come out!

My painting didn't stop there. I decided that I wanted green pottery. So I grabbed some green spray chalk paint (available at your craft store) and sprayed a couple of bowls!

Cereal bowls never looked so chic!

I added my new green "pottery" to my mantel, along with some huge tree branches from my parents' yard. For impact, I went BIG with the branches.

Finished the room with some tulips.

Fresh flowers always bring good energy to a space.

Let's see how long my living room lasts this way!

Thanks again for hanging out! I hope you had a good time! I know that I had a great time revamping my living area for this One-Room Spring Tour! Please don't forget to subscribe to my blog posts by adding your email to my subscribe box at the bottom of my blog! I would love you for it!

Next up, is my friend, the talented Ashley Hale from House of Five
Go see how Ashley freshened up her living room for this One-Room Spring Tour! You are going to fall in love with her beautiful home and her amazing photography skills!

Here is the schedule for the One-Room Spring Tour and links for your viewing pleasure:

Monday, April 11th – Front Porch
Emily – Eleven Gables | Trinity – c.1934 | Courtney – The Hamby Home | Wendy – Life on the Shady Grove | Becky – This is Happiness
Tuesday, April 12th – Entryway
Sarah – Life on Virginia Street | Summer – She Leaves a Little Sparkle | Kathleen – Lindsay Hill Interiors | Shannon – Fox Hollow Cottage | Randi – Randi Garrett Design

Wednesday, April 13th – Living Room

Erin – Sunnyside Up | Alma – Almafied | Oscar – Oscar Bravo Home | Ashley – House of Five | Megan – It’s a Grandville Life
Thursday, April 14st –  Kitchen
Brittany – Dutchess of York | Annie – Zevy Joy | Marg & Liz – Fancy Farm Girls | Kelley – Kelley Nan | Rachel – Maybe Matilda

Friday, April 15th – Dining Room

Kris – Driven By Decor | Allison – A House and A Dog | Tamara – Citrine Living | Kendra – Momtique | Haneen – Haneens Haven




  1. Oscar, the green, the art, the brass lamp- you have creatively styled this room to perfection!

    1. Thanks Kelley! Love to see your comments here! 😍

  2. Wow!!! I love the after! The green makes it all so fresh and the black and white is stunning. Gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous! The artwork is beautiful. Love the green and the pretty tulips too.

    1. Thank you Becky! The tulips were my favorite part of the room, actually! Amazing what fresh flowers can do to a space

  4. Oscar this room is so fun and perfectly styled! Loving the green in here!

    1. Thank you, Alma! Green is my favorite color! I'm so happy I was able to incorporate it in my home

  5. Oscar!! I'm dying. It's so beautiful and beyond creative!! I want to immediately start spray painting cereal bowls. Ha! Seriously pure genius!

  6. I can't believe you DIY'ed that art my friend - want to come for a quick trip out to Connecticut and hook me up for some art for my master bedroom?? It made a huge difference in your space - beautiful!

    1. Lol Kris, it would be an honor!!! Thank you, my friend!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love how creative you are with your art! The pops of green are the perfect refresh too!

    1. Thank you very much, Stacey! I appreciate you checking it out!

  8. Oh.Em.Geeeee!!! Oscar, the art is my fave and I LOVE that you did it yourself! Seriously, I thought they were prints from Minted. So, so good. Love the touches of green! And the oversized branches! Kudos!

    1. Thanks Haneen! I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out! I guess that's how my kids feel when they put their art up on the fridge lol

  9. It's a beautiful refresh Oscar! Love it all!!

  10. Oscar this tour was beautiful!!! I loved all the green!! I love that you did the art also, looks amazing!!!
    Annie- zevy joy

  11. love! the green! the tulips! the art!

  12. LOVE the art, Oscar!! What a gorgeous transformation too! I love the green, black and are always spot on my friend!! :)