Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I Love My Stuff Too Much To Kiss Them Goodbye

While it seems like all of the world is de-cluttering their homes Marie Kondo style, I'm here celebrating the artistic approach to displaying and layering my treasures on almost every flat surface in my home. Don't get me wrong -I am most definitely not a fan of clutter and I totally understand what Marie Kondo is preaching with her famous KonMari method which in a nutshell is to only keep what we truly love. But what if you have a lot of love for a lot of things?

Recently I gifted myself a new decor book to adorn my coffee table titled "It's The Little Things: Creating Big Moments in your Home Through the Stylish Small Stuff" by author and designer Susanna Salk. Inside the cover you will find page after page of artistically displayed vignettes with layers of interesting treasures and collections from the homes of many different designers. Going through this book proved to me once again that my love for saturated and layered spaces runs deep. This book also reaffirmed my belief in how much style can be added to a home using interesting decorative accessories. A home without accessories is like a cake with no icing. A woman all dressed up with no lipstick. A well dressed man with ugly shoes. A gift with no bow.

You get what I'm saying?

A home without any personal items or accessories just feels like it's missing something. That magical, finishing touch that brings a room to life.

Order your copy of the book by clicking HERE
an image of an amazing staircase by Designer Melissa Rufty found inside Susanna Salk's beautiful book

I like my home like I like my food: with lots of flavor, interesting texture and the more exotic the better. But I also like a bit of restraint and I definitely try to keep a balance. However, when looking through my new book I always gravitate towards those spaces that are just a liiiiittle bit over the top. Maybe it's because I'm a fire sign and I love boldness, who knows but I truly admire  someone that has the confidence to teeter on the edge of being just "too much" but still be able to pull off a room and make it ooze with style -and not just style...  but also emotion. That's what a true artist would do. An artistic decorator has the vision to create spaces that evoke a feeling when you look at them in a book, magazine or even better, walk into them.  I think that's my goal as a decorator.

practicing a bit of restraint by limiting color but maximizing textures and shapes


I have linked some of the items in this post in case you happen to have an interest in them (*affiliate links used). Click on the (+) mark in the picture below to make a purchase or to simply find out more information about the item. When items are out of stock or not sold on the internet, I try and find similar items to share with you.

If we share the same love for eclectic and collected spaces then I suggest you follow my Pinterest board where I have collected images of vignettes that inspire and teach me to style accessories in a way that looks intentional and beautiful.

This post is dedicated to those who value style, interest and a point-of-view over perfection. Do what makes you happy even if that means being different ❤.



  1. That planter and that palm... amazzzzziiiiiinnnnnnggggg

    1. Thanks! I give the poor plant a few months till it dies lol

  2. I totally get the "lot of love, for a lot of things." I like homes that tell me something about who lives there and minimal tells us some, but does it really tell us the best stuff?

  3. Good taste in decorating! Beginning to purchase green plants and like the added black/white contrast too! Thanks for the inspiration! 👍

    1. Thanks!Green is definitely a favorite color of mine :)

  4. I love how you decorate your home! There is never too much; it's always just the right touch. I haven't seen you display your Santos doll in a while. Do you still have it? It's one of my favorite of your possessions.

    1. Thank you! I still do have my santos doll but its stored away right now. I think it might be time to bring it out :) thanks for reminding me


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